O.co (a.k.a. Overstock.com) Celebrates Its Main Street Revolution's One-Year Anniversary

By PR Newswire
SALT LAKE CITY, June 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- O.co also known as Overstock.com, Inc. today announced the one year anniversary of its Main Street Revolution Store, a national marketing and distribution platform for U.S.-based small businesses to sell their goods. In its first year, the Main Street Revolution has integrated 161 vendors and now carries over 3,700 products. To learn more visit www.o.co/mainstreet-anniversary.
"Our Main Street Revolution Store provides small businesses with a platform for national visibility," said O.co CEO, Patrick M. Byrne. "The country's current financial woes will be best remedied when small Main Street businesses begin to grow. Any small business owner who is looking to grow his or her business should join the Main Street Revolution."
The Main Street Revolution Store also allows O.co customers to 'shop local' by searching for Main Street Revolution products produced and sold in a particular state. The Main Street Revolution Store currently carries a wide range of products from jewelry to clothing to gourmet food and has vendors from 30 states.
"The current success of our products with the Main Street Revolution allows us to see a few more cars in our parking lot belonging to Americans at work," said Rocky Medina, Internet Sales Manager of Thirstystone manufacturing in Texas. "We are grateful to O.co and its CEO Patrick M. Byrne for the opportunity to be involved with the Main Street Revolution. It is having a positive impact on lives in Gainesville, Texas, U.S.A."
"My business' profits prior to partnering with O.co's Main Street Revolution were steady, but did not compare to the salary I had been previously earning working fulltime at a loan servicing company," said owner of Florida based Bleek2Sheek Jewelry, Laileni Mercer-Ayala. "However, after partnering with the Main Street Revolution my sales and profits have grown at least three times what they were - if not more. Working with the Main Street Revolution has been relatively easy and the friendliness of the O.co staff is outstanding. O.co provides many useful tools like inventory control and sales and forecasting reports which helped with growing our business. The sales growth from Main Street alone has allowed my husband to quit his fulltime office job and partner with me! Now both of us are able to have the flexibility with our son and, soon, our little addition expected in July."