About Us

Utah is well known for its entrepreneurial spirit, with small business serving as the heart and foundation of our business community.  There are many public and private organizations that serve small businesses and aid entrepreneurs in starting, maintaining, and growing their businesses.  Despite the vast number of these resource organizations, many of the services offered are relatively unknown to the general business community.  With the goal of making these tools more accessible, several small business resource providers came together to form the Utah Small Business Coalition.  Coalition members meet monthly to discuss new services that the group can collectively provide and to work toward the following key objectives:

  • Promote beneficial services and the organizations that provide them
  • Collaborate to strengthen current services and develop new services
  • Explore opportunities to assist the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to fulfill their mission and meet the governor’s personal challenge to work with local businesses and entrepreneurs to grow small businesses
  • Work with other community partnerships directed at small business, when appropriate
  • Be a collective voice for small business
  • Celebrate our many small business success stories

In today's challenging economic times, it is essential that our community support small business however possible. All small businesses will benefit by improved collaboration and efficiency in the services offered by business resource groups.